LinkedIn, New Metrics, and OSHRM join forces to optimize job seeker career prospects in Oman through the “Learn for A Brighter Future” initiative

New Metrics and OSHRM have joined forces to enable job seekers in Oman to take part in a comprehensive career-building learning program powered by “Opportunity with LinkedIn”.

The core objective of the “Learn For A Brighter Future, Oman” campaign is to help driven and ambitious individuals supercharge their personal growth and future career prospects by exposing them to LinkedIn’s learning pathways on the top ten most highly sought-after careers, which will remain available completely free of charge until the 31st of December 2021.

The initiative marries New Metrics’ dedication to people-centric transformations and employee enablement with OSHRM’s commitment to excellence in the field of Human Resources as well as LinkedIn’s devotion to connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

The initiative provides a step-by-step guide for job seekers on how to gain access to the ten learning journeys including additional courses on job seeking, networking, and interviewing skills through which individuals can acquire knowledge, earn badges that can be featured on their profile, and apply and prepare for interviews.

The available career path topics encompass a wide range of highly sought-after jobs including Software Developer, Sales or Customer Service Representative, Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, IT Administrator, IT Support, and Data or Financial Analyst. Individuals can complete as many of the 20–25-hour long learning paths as they like by the end of the year and receive badges of completion which can be featured on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs.

Job seekers will also have the opportunity to engage in the dedicated LEARN FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE – OMAN LinkedIn group, a platform for job seekers to share their experiences, stay informed and updated on job opportunities and get discovered as motivated talents by local hiring managers.

A spokesperson for New Metrics and OSHRM, the moderators of the LinkedIn group, said: “We really wanted to extend the campaign beyond professional growth and include the cultivation of a sense of community amongst individuals who are striving to excel in this ultra-competitive modern-day job market. We hope to see many local companies share their job opportunities with this group and to hear success stories from individual learners and job seekers. If the program makes people more comfortable in interviewing and job seeking and gives them a glimpse into a future possible career path, this will already be a success for us.”

Anyone who is interested in taking the next step towards a new career path or wants to gain additional skills and confidence in applying and interviewing for jobs can find additional details on how to take part via a useful short guide published here for download.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft, is the world’s largest professional network with more than 756 million members in over 200 countries. LinkedIn’s portfolio includes a full suite of tools dedicated to connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful, including marketing, learning, talent acquisition, people analytics, and engagement solutions.

About New Metrics

New Metrics is a leading experience management consultancy with a presence across the EMEA region, dedicated to future-proofing companies through people-centric transformations, data analytics, and employee enablement around four key strategic verticals: Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Brand and Product Experience, and Organizational & Digital Transformation. New Metrics’ mission is to provide companies with tangible ways to create impact, empowered by the latest research, technology, and learning opportunities.


The Omani Society for Human Resource Management (OSHRM) is the first and only entity in Oman to establish a platform of excellence in the field of Human Resources with members from both public and private sectors. OSHRM is legally recognized as an independent non-profit Professional Society following Oman’s regulations since the 21st of May, 2014. Since then, OSHRM has become one of the most active NGOs in Oman expanding its networks with business partners including the government, corporate sector, other NGOs, individual professionals, and volunteer groups in Oman and internationally.