A New CX Mindset for a Leading Financial Institution

With the shift in employee mindset brought by New Metrics CX Transformation Programme, this financial institution transitioned from a customer sensitive to a customer-driven maturity level

The Business Challenge

With 3,800+ employees, Oman’s flagship financial services provider wanted to overhaul their customer service strategy throughout its 40 branches nationwide. 


Over 12 months, an end-to-end customer centric transformation programme was launched by New Metrics to achieve the transformation.

The Process

  • Development of a comprehensive CX strategy
  • Establishment of a CX centre of excellence 
  • Transition of customer service department into customer experience department
  • Design and implementation of a Voice of Customer programme
  • Redesign of 20 end-to-end customer journeys
  • Back end process automation 



Optimised Journeys


implemented initiatives


Increase in retail banking Net Promotor Score (NPS)


Increase in SME segment NPS

With a shift in employee mindset, the organization transitioned from a customer sensitive to a customer driven maturity level, achieving: 20 Optimised Journeys, 31 implemented initiatives, a 14+Increase in retail banking Net Promotor Score (NPS) and 9+ Increase in SME segment NPS. 

“As the flagship financial services provider in Oman, we launched a Customer Experience transformation project across the bank… From the start, New Metrics was able to truly understand our way of working…The expert team’s approach is extremely hands-on, immersive and focused on driving results, by utilising the latest international customer experience approaches and tools. We look forward to a continued long-term partnership to build a future-proof customer experience strategy for the bank.”

S. Al Farsi | Chief Strategy Officer

Programme Impact

  • Secured budget and resources 
  • Higher departmental alignment and increase initiative implementation success
  • Development of internal capabilities to drive CX transformation
  • In-depth understanding of customer profiles and behaviors 
  • Live monitoring of performance of main interactions across the end to end customer journey 
  • Reduction in turnaround time and operating cost 
  • Reduction in customer effort 

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